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27th February, 18

Ghouta Appeal

After a harrowing few months of the worst series of bombardments [...]

21st December, 17

Syria’s Next Threat

Winter conditions have begun to affect many parts of Syria. [...]

10th November, 17

Solidarity with Rohingya Appeal

Syria Relief was established in 2011 in response to the [...]

26th October, 17

Culture Through Making

A Transformative Skills, Heritage and Education Programme The Culture Through [...]

12th October, 17

Emergency Appeal – Idlib Crisis Appeal

The intense violence in the Idlib province of Syria has [...]

30th May, 17

The Pink Dress Campaign

There are thousands of little children in Syria who dream […]

26th May, 17

#HUNGERWAR Ramadan Campaign

Relief’s #HUNGERWAR Ramadan campaign is a 30 Days of activism against child

6th April, 17

Idlib Hospitals Overwhelmed by Devastating Chemical Attack

This week, Idlib witnessed the worst chemical attack in Syria [...]

20th February, 17

Cries from Ghouta

b{font-weight:bold;} Following the harrowing siege of Aleppo, the countryside region [...]

20th February, 17

A Twist of Fate

65 year old Umm Dawoud is a single lady from [...]

15th February, 17

The struggles of forced displacement

12 year old thalassaemia sufferer Wisaam hasn’t had an easy [...]

2nd February, 17

A Golden Age of Struggle

In his mid-60’s, Abu Ahmed never envisaged the turn his [...]

“ No one has ever
become poor by
giving ”

Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank: the play