Idlib Appeal

In the past few weeks, civilians in the Idlib province in north-west Syria have faced intensive bombardment.

Syria Relief have many offices in Idlib and our staff are working around the clock delivering life-saving supplies to families who have lost everything.

Due to the bombing, thousands of families are now living in crowded makeshift camps and are being exposed to the harsh weather, many children have also been left vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

They desperately need your help.

Through our extensive experience on the ground we have witnessed that when families are without the basic tools to survive, they are often forced to make short-term decisions to pull through. Decisions such as selling small assets or family heirlooms, or worse encouraging early marriage and even child labour. Sadly, these are the only choices left for many fleeing the conflict.

These decisions can cause long-term problems for families.

With your help, we can provide shelter and daily essentials to ensure these families in Idlib, desperately trying to escape the violence are able to feed themselves, stay dry and keep safe.

Choosing any of the options below, you can ensure these families receive their basic daily needs and protect their livelihoods.


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